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3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Make the Heart of Your Home Sparkle

3 Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Make the Heart of Your Home Sparkle

Is your kitchen in need of a deep clean but you’re not sure where to start? Kitchens are a place where we prepare meals and store groceries as well as cookware, meaning this space can get cluttered and dirty fast.

If you are looking to add some sparkle and shine to your kitchen, keep reading. In this guide, we will give you some awesome kitchen cleaning tips that can have you feeling better about this space. Work towards a clean kitchen with these helpful kitchen cleaning hacks today.

  1. First, Declutter

The best way to leave a clean slate for your kitchen cleanup is to go through your kitchen and declutter. This means going through all of your kitchen cabinets and pantry spaces to get rid of items such as canned foods or dressings that have expired or are outdated. You should also go through your fridge to dispose of any rotting produce or any outdated condiments.

You should also go through your kitchen supplies to downsize a bit. If you have doubles of kitchen utensils, bowls, or containers that you feel you only need one of, get rid of them. Start a giveaway pile for things you no longer need but are in good condition to donate to an organization and dispose of the rest.

This will allow you to scrub away and allow for reorganization using only the things you absolutely need acting as a great refresh.

  1. Start From Top to Bottom

When doing a deep kitchen clean, it’s best to start from the top to the bottom of this space. You want to start by cleaning the highest points such as the tops of your kitchen cabinets where dirt and dust collect and could land in other places as you clean. Then you can work to clean the countertops and finally the floors allowing all the dust and debris to be collected.

Don’t forget to tackle areas such as fans, the top of your fridge, the sink, and your appliances. Make sure to clean both external and internal areas of your cabinets, fridge, and pantry as well.

  1. Disinfect Your Surfaces

The surfaces of your kitchen, such as your countertops, an island, your bar top, or your kitchen table are all areas where you either prepare or enjoy meals. For this reason, when deep cleaning your kitchen, you want to give this important area a disinfecting clean. Use a rag and hot water to rinse these areas and rewash them with water as it dirties as you clean.

If you have a safe multipurpose cleaner or disinfectant you can use this to polish your surfaces. Don’t forget surfaces such as your stovetop which will need a deep clean as well. You will want to use a special appliance-safe cleaner for this area. If you need help with deep clear, consider hiring a full time maid.

Smart Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For a sparkling kitchen, use these kitchen cleaning tips today.

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