10 Romantic Gestures That Won’t Go Unnoticed

10 Romantic Gestures That Won't Go Unnoticed

Women and men alike crave romantic gestures. Romance in a relationship often falls on the man but 33% of men say it bothers them a lot when their partner is not more romantic. Both men and women can benefit by being more romantic.

Romance does not have to be costly. It only takes a few minutes of your time to show your partner that you are thinking of them. This can be the simplest of romantic gestures to win her over.

Both small romantic gestures and big romantic gestures can go a long way to creating a stronger bond in a relationship.

Want some ideas for romantic gestures you can use to shower your partner you care about? Keep reading!

Romantic Gestures for Her

1. Send flowers for no reason. This is the simplest romantic gesture that you can do to remind your girlfriend or wife that you care. It takes seconds to pick up the phone and order roses to be delivered.

It’s not the fact that you’re spending money. It’s not that you’re sending roses (it could be any flower you know she likes). It’s the fact that you were thinking about her and felt like showing her.

The key to sending roses as a romantic gesture for her is that it needs to be from the heart. It’s great to send them on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. It’s an even more appreciated thought when you send roses for no reason.

2. Take on one or several of the chores and do them consistently. If you’re not already doing some of the household chores, there may be a rift in your relationship. Women feel neglected and unappreciated when they do all the household work.

Pick at least one chore that she hates. Make sure that you do it all the time, without being reminded.

If you’re already doing that, consider picking up one of her chores. If you see her having a bad day, send her to the couch with her favorite comfort food and do her chores for the day.

3. Buy her things at random. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money.

When you’re out doing errands or out of town on business, keep your eyes open for little things she would like. If you are listening to her, you will know what would mean a lot to her.

If you come home with that book that she loved as a child, she’ll know that you were listening. That book will mean more to her than something impersonal.

4. Touch her. Women love being touched. It’s such an easy thing to do.

While you’re watching a movie, get close and put your arm around her. Hold her hand, stroke her hair, or put your hand on her back. These touches are always appreciated but when you do it in public you are showing the world that you’re together and you’re proud of her.

5. Create a music playlist for her. If you don’t know this already, music and people are connected for many women. This is one of the small romantic gestures that will last in her mind.

Choose songs that were popular when you first met. There’s a good chance that she thinks of you when some of the songs play.

Listen to other songs that speak of love and reflect your feelings for her. If there is a song that makes you both feel good, include that.

Remember, she will listen carefully to the words of each song!

To make the playlist more unique, consider adding a hidden message. Maybe each song has a specific word in the title. Another thing you can do is make the first word of each title spell out a message when she looks at the playlist.

Romantic Gestures for Him

1. Be handsy around other women. Men love it when you show other women that he is your man. Let them know by reaching for his hand or putting your arm around him.

2. Leave him flirty/naughty notes where he least expects them. You don’t want anyone else to see them so don’t leave them anywhere publicly. Subtle spots could be inside his desk, in his work bag, in his lunch, or in his underwear drawer.

3. Wear lingerie to bed. Men are visual people and they love the look of a woman that has done something for him.

You don’t have to choose fancy or expensive lingerie. He likes to know you made an effort for him. Experiment with different styles to see what gets the biggest reaction from him.

4. Tell him you appreciate him and what he does. One of the best romantic gestures to show him you care is telling him.

When he does something that shows his strength, admire his muscles. If he goes out of his way to do something for you, thank him. Tell him how much you appreciate the little things he does, even when you think he should know.

5. Send him flowers for a change. Why does sending flowers have to be just something men do?

Have flowers delivered to the house when you’re not home. You might be working at the office or on vacation. Let him know he is on your mind.

When you send him flowers, make them extra special by inserting something he loves in the bouquet. It could be a gift certificate for his favorite steak house or a specialty cigar he loves.

Big Romantic Gestures Can Go a Long Way

Small romantic gestures like the ones mentioned are things you can do at any time. They don’t take a lot of effort.

Big romantic gestures are perfect for special days like anniversaries or birthdays. These are best planned ahead. These are the gestures that your partner will remember forever.

If you’re planning for a big gesture of your love, don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money. You could also get the help of friends and family to plan something big. Call in favors to plan something she will love.

Show Romantic Gestures Often

Big or small, romantic gestures should be part of your everyday life. Men and women, young and old – everyone loves romance.

The key to romance is actions. Words are great but actions give words more value. Say “I love you,” and then show it!

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